A new year, a new blog

Hello from Marietta, Georgia!
I’ve been slowly driving around the entire southeast in the past week interviewing, visiting, exploring and, mostly, DRIVING.
I Google Mapsed(?) My drive, and it said around 24 hours from Murray, Ky to Beckley, WV to Pulaski, Va to Fairfax, Va to Raleigh, NC to Marietta, Ga. But it didn’t know about all the traffic in Virginia and dense fog driving through NC. Yuck. So thankful to have this time to travel and visit, though. I just have to keep telling myself that soon I’ll have a job and can afford all the gas I’m using :)
My interview in Beckley last Wednesday went really well. I’ve found that all of my interviews are more casual than I’ve expected, but I’m still not used to it. The executive editor spent some time talking with me, showing me around the newsroom, introducing me to the staff and even taking me around the town and to grab lunch at the Tamarack. Beckley is the halfway point between Ontario and Florida, apparently. So this place is a nice rest stop and has lots of items that are made locally. I equated it to a classy flea market. They had lots of neat items — tables, baskets, hand-blown glass, food, wine, jelly, blankets, wood carvings, and I forget what else. It was really artsy fartsy, and if I end up in WV, Tamarack will most likely be the source of many Christmas presents!
After that interview, I drove down to stay the night with my best friend Megan, and on Thursday I traveled to northern Virginia to see a friend from high school. While we were on our way to D.C., I got a phone call from a newspaper in Gainesville, Ga thus my need to be down here now. I originally had a Skype interview set up for Friday the 11 with another Ga paper, but called to let them know I’d be in the area and could interview in person. So, Gainesville tomorrow and Covington on Wednesday. Whew.
I’m still waiting/hoping to hear from Hilton Head, which I think is my number one choice still — based solely on location!
Thursday I’ll be Alabama-bound to watch my brother’s dogs while Clark and Amy are in NYC.
What was supposed to be a quick 3 or 4 day trip has turned into 2 weeks! But I’m hoping by the end of it, I’ll be employed and starting my next adventure. I very obviously don’t do well with that whole “sitting still” thing :)

Snow on the ground outside my hotel in Beckley!
Lookout point near Pulaski, Virginia
Bridge over the Potomac at Washington Harbour

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