I’m officially a grown up, y’all.

Alas, an update!

I have officially lived in Seneca, South Carolina for a full week. And, no, I’m not even close to completely unpacked. I do think it’s safe to say 75% unpacked, though.

What happened after my interview in Covington, Ga. was honestly kind of a whirlwind. I still can’t believe everything happened as fast as it did. The interview at Convington was great; I really liked the people at the paper and the town. There were lots of opportunities to work in multiple facets at that paper, and they had just upgraded to CS6 (woo!).
The next day (Thursday, January 17) I traveled 2 hours north of Atlanta in the nasty rain to a town of around 8,000 called Seneca. After a very brief interview, design test, being introduced to Swiss Miss hot chocolate from Keruig and grammar test, the night editor told me to head home since the main editor was in another interview/meeting. So, I did.
No sooner did I step in the door at Claire and John’s with my celebratory moose tracks ice cream did I get a call from the editor with a job offer included at the end. Whoa. An interview and an offer in one day? Granted, he had already contacted my references, but still. It was all I could do to not jump up and down and roll around on the floor.
Oh, right. I did all of that anyway.
I also forgot to mention that, on my way to Seneca, Gainesville called and offered me a position with them. Yeah. Two in one day. I probably should have been excited, but I was FULL OF PANIC. I had turned down one offer, gotten two more, and had two that I was waiting to hear from — namely Hilton Head. Because who doesn’t want to live at the beach?
Unless, for some odd reason, you skipped the intro to this post, you know where I am.
Claire helped me do some logical thinking. I came up with a list of priorities and then ranked the four places for each (First place got 4 points, second 3, third 2, fourth 1) and the standings were Hilton Head 19, Covington and Seneca 18, and Gainesville 16. Seriously.
The way I ended up making my decision was this — after a few emails with HH and Seneca, I was able to deduce that HH was dragging their feet and Seneca really wanted me. In fact, they kept offering me more money without me even mentioning other offers or that being a factor in my decision.
Ultimately, I do think there is more for me to do here. So far, I’m loving it. The people are absolutely great. There’s an intern on Tuesday and Thursdays that does my job. If I’m sneaky, I can wear yoga pants to work. Fridays we can wear jeans (with a $3 donation to March of Dimes!) and if I get my work done early, I go home early. I don’t have to be at work until noon. I’ve already played with some design elements and been told that I might need to write or shoot.
Somehow, Mom and I found an apartment in what we will affectionately call “ghettoville” and I was able to get the keys on Wednesday. We got to Seneca on Sunday. Dad was here with the trailer and, more importantly, Claws, on Thursday.
They headed home early Sunday morning in time to watch the Super Bowl. I also got to watch — by some miracle my bunny ears picked up CBS in time for kickoff.
At this point, I’m just waiting for my couch to get here so my living room will be “finished” and I can decide on the final décor and shelf arrangements and such. Mamaw and Papaw called last week to let me know they had ordered a bedroom suit for me, but it would be four weeks before it was all in.
So now I’m just sitting here on my bed, in my apartment in Seneca, South Carolina with Claws napping on my leg and debating what’s for breakfast.
And, to be honest, that’s probably the hardest decision I’ll make all day.