Jewelry tree on the cheap

I found a group of volleyball players that get together on Saturdays and play in Greenville, which is only about 45 minutes from Seneca, so I figured I’d make the trip up, play around, get to meet some cool people and explore Greenville a bit before heading home.
However, it was cold. And windy. And kinda rainy.
After 15 minutes of waiting with one other guy, we decided to call it quits. But that wouldn’t deter me from my plans, no sir! I changed out of my volleyball clothes and told my GPS to take me downtown. I was going exploring!
Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found some free parking and got out of the car and headed on my way in search of some lunch.
Then I got cold and decided it wasn’t worth it.
True story.
On the way home, I spotted the coveted Hobby Lobby.
Oh happy day.
Oh happy, happy, happiest of days!
I had a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in my proverbial pocket and felt the Pinterest bug bite into my brain.
Game on, Hob Lob.
Game. On.
After an hour or two (or three? I don’t remember. I might have blacked out from craft overload) this is what I came home with.

Blue gingham, red polka dotted and turquoise chevron fabric; a 1/4" wood dowel and a 4" wood plaque.

Blue gingham, red polka dotted and turquoise chevron fabric; elastic thread; a 1/4″ wood dowel and a 4″ wood plaque.

I’ve got a couple of sewing projects that I want to conquer. (This dress/skirt in particular.) But I was set on making a jewelry tree for my necklaces. They seem to be all the rage and also expensive. I present to you my $2 necklace displayer extraordinaire.

3 ft wooden dowel — $1.29
wooden plaque — $.79

wood glue
sand paper
drill (optional)
hot glue (if you get desperate)

I want to take a minute to give a shout out to my Daddy who bought me a couple of really helpful tools on accident. When he rigged my curtains back in January, he left me these two little gems:
A baby saw
and a drill bit that fits in my cheap-o screwdriver. Lifesavers, y’all. Life. Savers.

The first step is finding the center of the plaque and drilling a hole for the screw that will anchor the tree. I suppose you could skip this step and just use a screwdriver and screw if you wanted to. I didn’t.
Just measure it both ways, x marks and spot and you’re good to go.

You can set that aside for a bit as you now get to construct the actual tree. I decided I wanted a 20″ tree with four 4″ limbs. Not your style? Change it.
The beauty of this project is that you can totally customize it. This is the most basic I could come up with on a rainy day. Just remember to sand the raw edges after you cut.
I cut my pieces and drilled a hole in the bottom of the tree trunk, for lack of a better term, to make screwing it in easier.

I then marked on the tree where I wanted my limbs to go and planned to just nail them on.
Apparently a certain someone (me) can’t hammer (remotely) straight to save her life (or project.)
One out of four isn’t bad, right?
I put wood glue between the two pieces, but after messing up two of the limbs, I was literally inches away from just using the hot glue gun and calling it a day. But I didn’t. I stuck it out. And some of the nails stuck out, too.
Once my limbs were secure on my trunk, I easily screwed the trunk to the base and landed with this guy.
It’ll get a coat of paint, obviously, but I’m honestly just amazed that it’s still standing.

8.decked out

Part of me wants to return to Hob Lob and get some cute drawer knobs to put on the top of the tree (They had a super cute bird one. Appropriate, right?) and maybe something on the ends of the branches. Who knows? I may end up adding some little hooks here and there or a row of nails for earrings.
So, what do ya think? Any ideas on what I could add or do better on the next go-around?


An update on my sister — for those who may or may not know — she went into labor on Wednesday, April 24 just shy of 29 weeks. I got a call from mom at work and flew down to Atlanta (a post on my AMAZING co-workers who covered for me is coming) to be with her and her husband in the hospital until Momma could make it from Ky. Long story short, they are both stable for now but the doctors feel she could go back into labor at any time, so she’s on bed rest at the hospital. Each and every day without baby is a blessing because the little monkey needs every minute to keep growing. Thanks for all the prayers, they’re absolutely working, so keep them coming! God is good!

One thought on “Jewelry tree on the cheap

  1. Glad to see ya graduating from the hot glue gun to the drill. ;) I see a power drill in somebody’s future!

    A red hot nail can drill small holes in such wood. Use the back burner of your stove and lay the nail on the element. Heat it up till “very” hot, then pick it up with pliers and push it into the soft wood. Repeat as needed. Obviously ya gotta be careful with the hot nail — anything you drop it on will burn or melt. That’s why you heat it on the back burner and use the front of the stove as your workbench.

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