The count up is on!

Since we don’t really know how many days until Sister has her baby, we’re counting up instead of down!
I spent the weekend in Marietta with Claire, John, Momma and Daddy. It was a happy Mother’s Day (and un-Mother’s Day) indeed. We were able to spend some time playing games, cutting up, painting, eating and watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. TWICE.
I also got to sneak a few maternity photos, which is about as rough as you’d imagine when the subject is on bed rest. But, Sister is a trooper and we broke the rules a little.
I told her I’d edit every day that she doesn’t have the kid, so hopefully I have a lot of work ahead of me!
We tried to incorporate as many props as possible since we were limited to the hospital. We used flowers, scrabble tiles and a picture frame. When we went out to the courtyard I tried to use the trees and shubbery to mix it up, but when you’re shooting surrounded by buildings there isn’t much to do. But, hey, at least we have a few shots to remember this sweet time before Baby is here. And every day that Baby isn’t here is a day I can look on Pinterest for more ideas ;)
They’re doing an ultrasound at 3 p.m. EST and going to discuss the possibility of continuing bed rest at home. So send some prayers her way; I know she’s tired of being stuck in the hospital!

Claire pouting in the hospital window, as seen from outside.

Two-and-a-half weeks in the hospital makes for a very sad Sister.

"BABY MORROW" spelled out in scrabble tiles, held beneath her sweet baby bump.

C&J are a puzzle and board games kind of couple, so we loved this idea we saw on Pinterest!

The forecast is beautiful this week! I might convince myself to get up early and go to the lake one of these days and let some freckles loose.

God is good!

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