The little things

This was a really good week. It wasn’t anything crazy special, I just made an effort to be more appreciative of the small things.
Like this view on my run Tuesday night

Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell

Or walking around barefoot and not stepping on cat litter
And how awesome clean sheets feel
And this sweet kitten I got to play with Wednesday morning at the animal shelter
How YOU doin'?

How YOU doin’?

Or conversations with a good friend
And cuddling with my kitten
Or the fact that I can watch Cinderella on VHS
And the pretty colors at the salad bar that I eat for lupper WAY too often
ingles salad bar
Lupper, for the record, is lunch+supper. (My work schedule means I eat at really weird times.)
Friday morning I spent a few hours soaking up some sun out at the lake
lake glasses
A friend gave birth to a precious little girl
And I later had dinner with some people from church at their house in Anderson.

The littlest details in life are still blessings, and after a very self-centered view last week, I wanted to make sure I saw those. I loved meeting new people when I volunteered at the shelter on Wednesday and listening the the squeals and giggles of little girls playing Friday night while I got to know my new church family.
Some days moving to a small town where I don’t know many people is really rough, but after a lot of prayer and an attitude adjustment, things are definitely looking up. And I don’t think the 75º weather is hurting, either :)

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