Throw some dirt on it

The main news right now is obviously the tornado in Oklahoma, and my heart is absolutely broken for these people. I’ve only seen the devastation from a tornado once, in Alabama, and there are almost no words to describe the vastsness and the completeness of the destruction. It just goes on and on and on — there’s no rhyme or reason to it. But the good news is the death toll has been cut nearly in half and America is rallying behind these communities. The best news is that God is in control!
While this news was breaking, I was out shooting for The Journal’s main photo. A super rare occurrence, that’s for sure, and also a very boring concept for centerpiece art — breaking ground at the site of a new high school. But the editor suggested we have somebody throw some dirt at the camera, and since I aim to please — that’s exactly what I did. Not my favorite, but when I think about me crouching in the mud in my shiny gold heels (they matched the shovels!) having a man throw dirt at me…it probably provided some entertainment. And it certainly mixed up the front page. I also snagged a few details, per my two years of photojournalism classes :)
The community is super pumped about this new facility and all it will offer the students, and I was pumped that there were free cookies!

(Click on an image to open the gallery and see captions!)

Keep Oklahoma in your hearts and prayers.

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