One year of South Carolinaing

Hey guess what?
I super suck at blogging.
But I felt today worthy of a post as it is my official one-year anniversary of living in South Carolina.
Honestly, I have no idea where the time has gone. I feel like it was yesterday that I was scrambling to get everything done for finals week…yet here I am a full year removed from my days on the Hill. And I’m told this phenomenon of time going by so quickly only gets worse with age!
So I thought I’d do a quick recap of the year (since I documented it so well on here…) to catch everyone up to speed.
A year ago right now I was in the Best Western in Seneca eating a breakfast of mini-doughnuts and a banana that Momma brought me. It was my first day of work and I still had no place to live despite spending an entire day looking for housing. I don’t remember being nervous or overwhelmed. Everything still felt kind of fake. Just a few days prior I was at Hunter and John’s wedding — and now I have a job?
No way.
But, it was true. I worked a whole four hours on my first day before Momma called to tell me I could sign a lease at Northwoods and they would give me the keys today. And that’s where I’ll start the recap, probably mostly in photos.


My first impression of Seneca. AKA feels like home.

My first impression of Seneca. AKA feels like home.


The view while apartment hunting. This is Lake Keowee…I think. On clear days, you can see straight to the mountains. Breathtaking — every single time.

My first-day-of-work continental breakfast. Thanks, Mom!

My first-day-of-work continental breakfast. Thanks, Mom!


I knew I had picked the right newspaper when I saw this.


I think it’s fair to say February was the roughest month for me. It was cold, I was new, still unpacking, hadn’t settled in, didn’t know anybody outside of work and still getting used to grown up life. As a super extrovert, alone time is cherished until it’s ALL YOU HAVE ALL THE TIME. So I got a library card and talked to my cat a lot.

A boar's head on my neighbor's truck. Truly a sign of things to come over the next 11 months.

A boar’s head on my neighbor’s truck. Truly a sign of things to come over the next 11 months.

When Daddy brought the trailer full of everything I own, he brought Clawsy cat, too!

When Daddy brought the trailer full of everything I own, he brought Clawsy cat, too!

Officially a Carolina Girl! 2/21

Officially a Carolina Girl! 2/21

Fun fact: That angel hanging in the window above Claws is the first decoration to hang up in my room any time I move. Paula Derryberry from Second Street CoC in Pulaski, TN made it for me just before our family moved to Murray, Ky in 2012. I unpacked it first that September and then again in every apartment I’ve lived in since. Superstitious? Not at all. Sentimental? In every way. Am I crying right now thinking about it? Probably.

Ok, yes.


It warmed up enough so that I could start exploring the Upstate! This area is full of waterfalls and gorgeous hiking trails, and I was thrilled to have something to do other than sit inside and watch Claws chase a laser. March was also when I got rear-ended on one of these adventures and spent nearly a month in a super nice rental car. It was Easter in Murray, complete with a trip to DQ, and our last full-family gathering before Cooper made his debut.

See ya bye, bumper! 3/16

See ya bye, bumper! 3/16

I bribed him with treats. Not ashamed.

I bribed him with treats. Not ashamed.

Happy 3rd birthday, Claws! 3/25

Happy 3rd birthday, Claws! 3/25

Poor Sully the Sebring :(

Poor Sully the Sebring :(

Easter/birthdays x3!

Easter/birthdays x3!

After my wreck, my coworker, Mikayla, came to pick me up. She was on her way to meet her husband and brother who were camping, so she let me tag along so I wouldn't be stranded at home.

After my wreck, my coworker, Mikayla, came to pick me up. She was on her way to meet her husband and brother who were camping, so she let me tag along so I wouldn’t be stranded at home. I have the best coworkers ever.


This is where life got really fun. I was settled into the routine of my job (and going to the lake in the morning!), was getting involved at church and found pick-up volleyball up in Greenville. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. I participated in a mud run with my intern and didn’t feel clean for weeks.

Near the end of April is when Claire was in the hospital because Cooper was being a diva and trying to make an entrance. I had visited Claire and John a few times in Georgia before, but I don’t think I’d ever made the trip that fast.


May is probably my new favorite month. Obviously the headline here is Coop’s arrival on Memorial Day. I filled up the memory on my phone taking photos of him, so I can’t share them all. But summer finally settled in and so had I! My general routine was go to the lake from 11-lunch time, then to work; Wednesday mornings were spent volunteering at the animal shelter. I joined a life group through Foothills Community Church and met some wonderful people my age, which can be a rare find in Seneca. I had the girls from work over for Cinco de Mayo/so I would clean my apartment. And, of course, any spare time I had was spent in the hospital with Claire or visiting with sweet Coop :)


June was kinda like May, only with more Cooper visits. That first weekend was spent in Nashville so I could be in one of my college roommate’s wedding. But driving to Nashville meant swinging through Atlanta…bummer!

I watched two of my new life group friends get married, designed a special section for the newspaper and also a birthday invitation and Coop’s birth announcement. June was a good time for me print design-wise.


Hiking after church in the rain. Yellow Branch Falls.


Emily on her wedding day!


She wouldn’t let us wear these for the ceremony :(


My first time to hold C. What a happy aunt I was :D


Blue Ridge Mountains from the top of the ladder truck. I have a cool job.

twin day

What happens when you work with the same people all the time…

IMG_2452 progress


I love summer in the Upstate. I can’t wait for more of it. July brought more volleyball, lake and Cooper time, but it also brought a LOT of rain. Ya know, I’m not sure if it stopped raining from July-September…drought buster. I did run the mud run course just for fun, but it was a mosquito pit and kinda actually miserable.

There was also quite a bit of turnover at the office, but we powered through it and have been thriving. I really do have a great job and am blessed to work with such great people. It also took me until July to hang anything on my living room walls.


I’ll let y’all guess — more time with Cooper, hiking and the lake. Kinda living the dream.

Coop actually came to visit me for once, though. Even brought his mom and dad with him so we could take photos out at the gorgeous Chattooga Belle Farm.


To sum up September, I took a very random trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico with a friend from high school and then was named employee of the month. Life group also started back up, so it was a pretty cool month.


Birthday month, Homecoming at WKU and a quick weekend trip to Norfolk, Va to visit my friend Beth. And by quick, I mean 7.5 hours each way :) I have awesome friends, ok? We finally got a new reporter, Josie, who is super wonderful and really stepped up to the plate right off the bat. The fall colors in the mountain are also uh-may-zing. For real.

Cherry Hall at WKU

Cherry Hall at WKU

in Norfolk with Beth!

in Norfolk with Beth! We got bored and straightened my hair.

Breakfast de YAG

Breakfast de YAG

Hiking to Hidden Falls

Hiking to Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls after camping

Hidden Falls after camping

Hit a milestone on the way to Bowling Green!

Hit a milestone on the way to Bowling Green!

Special section of the College Heights Herald

Special section of the College Heights Herald

IMG_3868The cutest little Big Red


We had our Halloween lock-in at church where I proceeded to color on kids’ faces after they fell asleep. Someone remind me how I’m allowed to be classified as an “adult?” November is also Thanksgiving and such, but since I had to work so it was kinda lame. However, one of our co-worker’s invited all of us that had to work to his family lunch and MAN was it good.

I also went on one more camping trip before it got too cold. I was actually on-call that night and there was a murder — but I didn’t hear a thing on the scanner. Whoops! Josie had a house warming party where we threw paint-filled eggs at blank canvases. It was really fun, but some of us need to work on our aim..but the canvas is proudly displayed in my living room.


The end of the year brought another trip back to BG for graduation and to watch a friend be commissioned into the Marine Corps. I ended up having car trouble and being stuck in Ky. an extra day, but I won’t say I was complaining about it :)

We did an early Christmas in Ellijay, Ga so we could all get together for Cooper’s first Christmas. Sadly, John was sick with who knows what in the hospital and missed it, but that just meant Christmas lasted extra long in the Morrow house.

I was at work on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, though I did head to my friend Mary’s after work. We went to her neighbor’s house where there was a puzzle and a small bonfire, so things got REAL wild. Did I mention the neighbor, Kayla, was just over 9 months pregnant? We welcomed baby Jake on the 2nd :)

So that’s been my year. Crazy wonderful and somehow managed to slip right by me when I wasn’t looking! This month brought a promotion my way as one of our reporters left us for the low country. So now I’m technically my own boss. I’m the Lifestyle Editor, which means I am in charge of assigning and coordinating stories. I’ll probably end up doing some more writing as well, but it’s all stuff I enjoy, so I’m looking forward to it. Everything has gone very smoothly so far, so I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon. Here’s hoping the next year brings as much fun as the last!


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