Daddy&Cait date, etc.

Last week, padre was in north Georgia for work. He gave me a head’s up that he might could talk his coworkers into driving to Seneca to eat supper and that I’d be welcome to join. So I worked ahead and made sure I was ready for the text that he’d be coming to town.
As it turned out, nobody came with him because “Ole puddin’ will just go where ever you want to go.”
I’m not real sure how I wound up with that nickname…
Anyway, Dad picked me up from my apartment, just like any gentleman would, except that is was in this:

I dubbed it the Super Juke. (If Nissan steals that, you totally read it here first!)
Instead of some fancy place, I opted for Olde Towne Pizza Buffet right down the road from my apartment. I knew they had Barq’s root beer and it’s been a long while since I had pizza and root beer with my dad — a Sunday night staple of my entire childhood.
So maybe not the fanciest of dates, but the company (and the car) made up for it. How lucky am I that, in the middle of the week, I get to spend time with my family? Being far away is no fun sometimes, but it’s wonderful to know my family will go the extra mile to come see me when they’re in the area.
We also like to compete to see who can be more awkward at taking photos of said date.


For the record, I think I won. But also because I let him sit on the side of the table where he could see the TV.

Saturday was girls’ night in Greenville with Kayla and Mary. We ate at Rey’s before the Lady Antebellum concert. Both were wonderful, and so was the company. Kayla had just finished maternity leave after having Jake, so this weekend was a much-needed distraction from the impending doom of Monday. But she made it through just fine :)


Even though it’s about to start cooking down, it’s been super warm the past few days so Claws and I are soaking it up. I busted out my Chacos and Clawsy has outdoor privileges on the balcony.

He’s real weird.

I have the next two Fridays off work (hallelujah!) and will be spending Friday morning – Monday afternoon with Cooper and his parents. But mostly Coop. The following weekend I’ll be splitting time between more Cooper, a wedding in Bowling Green and a visit to Nashville.
Good thing I love road trips — and that SC has such cheap gas prices!

I shall leave you with the latest chalkboard update. It’s lyrics from a Mumford and Sons song — this weather is perfect for their music.


Happy Monday

I should probably take these down since Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I don’t really want to.

Plus, let’s think about who I am. I just took down the Christmas cards to out those hearts up last week. And there may or may not still be a Santa Claus towel hanging from the oven door.
(Hint: There is.)
The sunshine popped back out after all the snow days and warmed up the Upstate enough for my first hike of 2014 on Saturday.

Mikayla and I hiked out at Oconee Station to Station Cove Falls. An easy hike I’ve done before, but never with these accomplices:

I was watching Luke (the black lab) while his mom and dad went to Greenville for the weekend :) The hike plumb wore him out, which made watching him that much easier.
Such a happy weekend indeed.


Have a wonderful week!

To whomever is singing “Let it snow”:

Please stop.
I’m sure it’s very rare for South Carolina to get 5 inches of snow, so I can’t appreciate that. I do not appreciate cabin fever. Thankful for my church family felt the same just in time for lunch at Los Amigos today!




Words and photos cannot do those snow-covered mountains justice. Love love love that view.

Super food Sunday

Well, the game was a joke, but our life group is serious about dips and crock pots — that’s for sure.

I did a quick potato soup in my crockpot that I’m sure I stole from Pinterest. Super simple, and that’s why I love it.

2 lb bag of frozen hashbrowns
1 can cream of (whatever) soup
1 bag of bacon bits
1 box (4 cups) chicken broth
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 block of cream cheese

Toss first five ingredients in the crockpot and leave it be. An hour before serving, cube the cream cheese and stir it in.
You can top it with more bacon (duh), cheese or sour cream. Or more bacon.

I also bought fudge covered mint Oreos and tried to make them look like footballs. Not my biggest success, but still delicious and festive!