Pink spackle and electrocution, aka day 3

My goal for the day was to prime my bedroom, and I’m willing to admit I failed.
I knew I’d need to spackle some holes, but had no idea exactly what I was up against. The spackle I used starts “purple” (it’s absolutely pink) and turns white when it’s dry and time to sand. Awesome for people like me who have watched an unreasonable amount of HGTV but never in their life put putty on a wall.
It was all going swimmingly until I got to the windows.

I suppose it’s a rental mentality of “Not my house, not my problem.” But are there really that many types of curtain rods?! My goodness. So that was a bear to deal with. I opted to go ahead and start spackling the bathrooms in hopes I would return to less purple in my room.
Not to be put off, I decided I’d just trim around the wet spots. It looks a little weird, but part of me thinks I’ll be thankful for the effort tomorrow.
So the bedroom currently looks like this:

And the dungeon got a little love tonight as well:

The cabinet in the bathroom will be coming down soon, I hope. The screws have a square head and one is stripped, so I’ve called in backup. There’s also no caulking along the top of the shower, so add that to the list of things I didn’t realize I’d care about enough to fix.
The best part about working in my room is I don’t have to pay attention to the floor — that carpet is coming up as soon as I get everything painted 🙌

I did remember to grab my paint colors, but I’m in bed and they’re in the dining room.
I didn’t remember to put the lid on the primer, so I’ll be rushing over in the morning to do that before work.

And for those of you interested in the electrocution portion of my evening … Will it suffice to say that even though “the baseboard heaters don’t work,” the wiring will still shock the (mad lib, choose your own word) out of you when you’re cleaning the thermostat with a wet rag? That does suffice? Awesome.
I think my fingers are still tingling. Here’s hoping I wake up with a superpower! And, just because I’m so excited the paneling is covered:

Buying living room paint tomorrow on my break and I am way too excited.


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