Pinterest house, day 8

I did it! I got my room, bathroom and closet primed. It obviously took longer than I wanted. But I have some really great excuses:

Tuesday: I took a half day off work in order to knock out some serious work. I ended up having to shoot a dress rehearsal for work at 7, so it made more sense to do little cleaning things rather than get covered in dust and primer. I threw out a bunch of old curtains. Why is everyone so worried the last renter is going to come back and demand their floral/lacy/mauve curtains?

I spent an hour at the musical rehearsal then came home, cooked a crazy delicious (and very simple!) Italian chicken, did my first load of laundry since Thanksgiving and got some cleaning/disaster management done around the apartment. I understand I’m moving and things are bound to be in a state of organized chaos…but things were getting out of hand.

Wednesday: I took another half day off work to try and work on the house. (To be fair, when I say half day, I usually only leave 3 hours early. I don’t like making other people do my work, so I try to get as much done as I can before I leave.) I sanded the walls in the bathrooms and my bedroom where I had applied more Spackle, wiped them down and KEPT FINDING MORE HOLES.

So I kept applying more putty. It it a curse to notice protruding nail heads. All in all, I know the walls are still gonna look cattywompus, but at least they’ll be better than they were. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. Especially in the dungeon. Upon removal of the cabinet, two large holes were discovered from where a previous owner or renter had brackets for shelves. They seemed to realize the Sheetrock wasn’t strong enough for the shelves, so rather than looking for a stud, they just glued the brackets to the wall. Awesome. Starting to think I should have left the cabinet up and just tried to shower in the dark.


Check that sweet hole that was hiding behind the cabinet. Now I think I understand why they put it up.

I also had my first experience with caulk Wednesday night. The top of the tile in the shower wasn’t sealed at all as far as I could tell. There was also a gap between the baseboard and wall right beside the shower, which looked like a recipe for disaster to me. Did y’all know caulk guns have a built-in tool to puncture the foil seal located way, way down in the tube of caulk?!

Yeah, me too…

I sealed up the shower, baseboard and several holes in the paneling in the living room. There were a dozen holes on either side of each window — again with these people and their curtain rods! Gracious. I also used caulk to seal some of the paneling joints that didn’t prime well. Me thinks if the primer doesn’t coat well in those big gaps, neither will paint. So I ran a line down most of those, cleaned it up and went back to sanding and FINDING MORE HOLES.

I went ahead and primed over all but three spots by the windows. From the curtain rods. Surprise.

Oh! I also painted the ceiling in my bedroom while waiting for the spackle to turn from pink to white. Except I bought cheap rollers which didn’t last long and didn’t cover very well toward the end. Lesson learned. But look at the difference from where I trimmed around my light fixture — yup, that’s the whole thing. See why I need IKEA?

Thursday/today: The primer is on! My room, bathroom and closet are all primed. I even took the shelves out of my closet and coated those bad boys. I probably won’t be painting the closet, but it looked as though it had a rough life. If I have enough leftover paint, I may think about it, but I’m not really worried about it. The inside looks a bazillion times cleaner and that was my main goal.

I bought a patch kit at Lowes for the bathroom wall — it’s kind of like a metal screen with a sticky backing — and put some spackle on top to smooth those. There’s also a fiber tape, but it isn’t as strong. Since my largest hole was probably three inches long, this was what I was advised to get. So I did. We’ll see how it holds up.


Seriously? You can see exactly where the shelf brackets were. My Spackling skills are not ready for this.


I thought about trimming out the living room tonight, but I have a cookie swap Saturday that requires 6 dozen baked goods. There’s a little bit of the paint on one corner and I LOVE the color so far. Here’s hoping it stays that way. But, after just a smidge of paint, it seemed in my best interest to pick a cookie recipe, go shopping and start working on that. Instead, I came home from Walmart, made a pb&j, showered and crawled in bed. All this painting/sanding/patching/sanding/cleaning/painting is rather tiring. FYI: Opted for a no bake cookie dough bite. Mix it, roll it, drizzle with melted chocolate, DONE. I think I can handle that tomorrow after work.

I forgot to take pictures tonight. Like I said, I’m exhausted. I probably won’t make it over to the house tomorrow because we have two others out of the office, which means I’ll be working late. To be honest, I’m a little bit relieved. I have a photoshoot Saturday morning before the cookie swap, and as much as I hate to not be getting work done, it’ll be good to see friends and not be covered in Kilz for a few hours :)

If I happen to make a furniture drop at the house tomorrow, I’ll snag a few pictures of the primed bedroom, living room paint color and cabinetless dungeon!


The color is so inconsistent! Since this is really the only ceiling I’ll see, and I had an almost-full gallon of free paint (Thanks, Austin and Jess!) I opted to just do my bedroom.



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