Pinterest house, day 9

I lost track of how many days I’ve been working on the house…maybe I’ll go back and look later. (I did. It’s 9.)
I worked a long day Friday and didn’t make it out to do any work. Saturday I had a photoshoot and a cookie swap, so I used those two as excuses to give myself a break from painting. Instead, I went through things here and threw away/packed/cleaned.
Today, however, was much different. I got some serious work done. After talking with my cop friends (writing K9 stories has its perks) they offered to help move me Saturday morning.
Well, that’ll light a fire under your butt.
So promptly after church I went to Chipotle (priorities), stuffed my face and got to painting.
My trimming efforts were interrupted by bringing in a load of furniture. Shout out to Jordan and Kayla for relocating my guest bed and half the living room 🙌🙌
We got the furniture inside and I resumed trimming. Mind you, Chipotle ended up being a very wise decision.

Burrito bowl lid? More like paint tray.
I ended up getting the first coat of paint on my room and bathroom. I am in LOVE with the color. It freaked me out how light it went on at first, but once it settled, I was thrilled.


I missed a few spots, but nothing a second coat can’t remedy.
I also sanded over the patches in the main bathroom and applied another layer of putty. I can tell it’s going to take at least three, and impatient me is not happy with this realization.
Impatient me also opted to go ahead and prime the bathroom and just skip those spots. There was also more caulking in the huge gap at the top of the shower. And also a small caulksplosion, which is what happens when you don’t poke a hole in the caulk and just squeeze the crap out of it. Luckily, said ‘splosion happened in the shower so cleanup was a breeze.

Not so dungeon-y anymore, huh? The brighter color already bounces so much more light. It’s crazy how fast I noticed it while priming, too.
While I had the primer out, I hit the laundry area — not that you can tell — so it looks cleaner and will be ready to paint later if I so choose. I took off the folding doors for the sake of painting and had an epiphany that curtains would liven up that space without paint. So the door may stay gone. Plus I went curtain crazy over Thanksgiving…

Per reader request, I took used more than my iPhone camera for photos. However, per my body’s request, I am staying in bed and will upload those to the computer tomorrow. It’ll give y’all a better idea of the space and yard and whatnot.

Also there was a possum under my car when I left tonight. He ran away and then gave me the side eye as if I had imposed on his evening with my scream, not vice versa with his ugly face and creepy tail.

That’s all I got. Hooray progress! I have another long day at work tomorrow, but by Tuesday night I want to have the second coat of paint on my room, finished the ceiling and the carpet up. Not sure how the latter is gonna work out, but here’s hoping it goes well!


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