12 days of reno

The carpet is gone in my bedroom.

That’s really the biggest and most notable development from the week. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent fixing spots I missed in my room/bathroom, arguing with primer in the bathroom and sanding/mudding the bathroom wall.
I’m a genius and bought caulk that is not paintable. So instead of it holding paint/primer, it does this:

Which is awesome. EXCEPT NOT AT ALL.
After roughly four coats of Kilz, I got it to look like this:

It got two more coats tonight just to be safe.
I’ve also done little things like vacuum the carpet (bleh) and cabinets. I meant to put down this adorable contact paper tonight, but got distracted.

$2 at Big Lots. Holla! Anyway.
It occurred to me at roughly 11:43 that I had caulked the seams in the living room paneling with the very same caulk that refuses to be painted in the bathroom. So I painted two sections to see how they do and proceeded to prime the rest…just in case. I’ll see how the unprimed ones look and decide if I need to add more layers later.
Lesson: Buy paintable caulk if you want to paint it.

Carpet removal was pretty simple. I followed the advice from Ugly Ducking House and pulled the edges up first, then cut the carpet into ~3 foot sections to roll up, tape and take outside.
One section of carpet padding was really light. The rest was more rubbery, so I couldn’t get it all into one trash bag the way the blog suggested, but it definitely fit in 3. After I had pulled up the tack strips in the closet, I pretty well had the hang of jamming a crowbar under it — I aimed for the nails holding it down — and moving along nicely without splintering too much.
I didn’t remove all the staples from the floor because my knees hurt. I have a gift of finding them with my knees, so next time I’ll break out my old volleyball knee pads and clear the subfloor for new vinyl. Woo!
In other news, I still need to fix the sink

Move-in day has been bumped to Monday due to predicted rain, so I have an extra few days to figure that out, lay down floors and pack.
And in SUPER unrelated news, Claws has been chewing on/licking my toes the entire time I’ve been writing.
But hey, look at this non-carpeted floor.

I could cry happy tears. I still have quite a bit to do, but it’s feeling more and more attainable every day. Thanks again to everyone who has helped — and will help — move my stuff and let me borrow supplies. Y’all are making this infinitely easier. And cheaper ;)
I’m gonna go cry those happy years and dream of new floors. G’night, y’all!


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