Pinterest House explained

After lots of “Did you buy a house?!” texts as a result of my first post, I figure I should fill y’all in on how all this is working.

When I got a notification my rent at the apartment would be going up AGAIN, I threw a small fit. $700 is more than what some friends pay on their mortgages each month. So I set out to find a rental house that had a big yard so I could get a puppy and have a garden. And also not have neighbors on every side of me.

I looked at a house in Walhalla and a duplex just outside the city limits, but when neither of those worked out, I got a little panicky. It was just before Thanksgiving and I had already signed my “I’m not living here next year” papers at the complex.

As a result of said panic, a house I had previously not called about — it was listed as no pets, no exceptions — I caved and called. I didn’t mention Claws until I’d talked with the landlord at the house a while, and she was cool with him. She mentioned the house needed updating, and I said I’d be glad to do some of the work … especially painting that heinous wood paneling. I also later mentioned I wanted a puppy, and she agreed to let me get one as long as it doesn’t ruin the floors. (I don’t remember if we had talked about new floors at that point. But let’s be honest, they’re already pretty gross.)

Since I planned to do the work, she said she would knock $50/month off my rent and allow me to use my deposit to buy renovation supplies. Rather than getting a deposit back at the end of my lease, I just won’t pay the final month’s rent.

I thought it over, talked with my family and friends to make sure I’m not crazy and came back from Thanksgiving and signed the lease.

And thus, the Pinterest House was born.

Most projects, ideas and tips are the direct result of Pinterest searches. I want a kitchen island and more pantry space, so I found neat ideas and will try to not screw them up. When it came to updating the paneling, I found a link to 29 ways to update wood paneling. If I couldn’t replace the floors at first, I considered painting them. Now that I’m packing, I’m putting hanging clothes in trash bags and putting long necklaces through old paper towel tubes. Lots of handy tips!

So that’s how the whole shebang came about. I basically have free rein of the place. The landlord was supposed to fix the sink in the half bath and the screens on the patio. She has since asked me to do it and will bump $100 of January’s rent. Looks like I’m now also a plumber.

Anywho. I took pictures with my real camera last Saturday (you’re welcome, Emily) and will leave y’all with a gallery. I’ve got more packing to do!

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