Pinterest house progress

I lost count of the days. So sue me.
First things first:
A GIANT thank you to Jenny, Kayla, Jordan, Brandon, Mark, Logan, Joe and Cortney for moving 89% of my stuff. And helping me frantically pack more. And moving furniture (again) when I changed my mind.
And also thank you to Lily for supply comedic relief and cuteness while trapped in the kitchen.
We started around 1 and were done y 3. It was essentially one big caravan over to the house, plus an extra trip for living room furniture (which was arranged just how I wanted without me telling the guys).
I did use a color coded system using cheap duct tape from Dollar Tree, so each room had a color and I didn’t have to keep answering “where does this go?”
Monday after the move, I started painting the bathroom, probably took a food break, did the second coat, then went back to the apartment to shower and grab Clawsy.
He was locked in my room/bathroom the first night and when I left for work Tuesday I took him to his food and let him free. He didn’t eat a thing and I couldn’t find him when I got home from work.
No worries, by Wednesday he was meeting me at the door and demanding food, so I’d say he’s adjusted ok :)

I hung the curtain and cleaned the shower Tuesday.
Just gotta remove the toe mold so I can put the floors down and the bathroom will be donezo (minus mirror and light fixture switch).
I’m having a hard time figuring out how to arrange my room. Since I don’t have a true chest of drawers, there isn’t a great space for either dresser thing. I’ll either block a door, vent or have no room for a night stand. Currently it’s just my bed and nightstand because I’m super frustrated and can’t decide. Hah.
Anyway, bedroom as of today:

Those floors 😍 I’ll have to do a separate post on them. I finished them Sunday night with enough time to shower, sleep a minute and get up for work. Talk about cutting it close. Whoops.
I had to work all week (early deadlines for Wednesday and Thursday) so I conquered what I could at night. And one of those nights was spent snuggled on the couch chatting with friends and painting nails. I regret nothing.
The top kitchen shelves have been lined with contact paper, and I unpacked a few boxes of kitchen things to figure out where stuff needs to go.
I refuses to set an alarm this morning and woke up at 11:30 to a very hungry Claws jumping on my stomach. Sleeping in was glorious.
I made my first home cooked meal here this morning. Scrambled eggs. And only after they were in the skillet did I realize all my spoons and spatulas are still at the apartment. Four plastic spoons later, I devoured said eggs and got to painting the paneling.
I found a few more holes I “fixed” with non-paintable caulk, but otherwise it looks great! I used a 20 mm Wooster roller and it covers the cracks for the most part. I may brush a few places before I roll again tonight, but I’m very happy with the color. My plan is to get the short walls done, shift all my furniture then attack the long one.
And I’m hoping to have it done before C&A arrive on the 30th. Fingers crossed.
I’ve gotta make a quick trip to the dump then I’m going to grab a few things from the apartment (read, cooking utensils).
I hope you all had a very … Meowy Christmas!

And a happy mew year! Hahaha ok. I’m done.


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