I’m no electrician, but…

I don’t think this matches.

So that put a damper on my night.
Two of the living room walls are done, I just have the looooong wall left. Everything went pretty smoothly considering the nightmare I envisioned when I decided to paint paneling.
I scored this cubby thing at Big Lots for $25 because it had scratches on it?
I didn’t really see them, but Claws checked it out and said it was good to go.

I bought some $4 gray bins at Dollar General, and I have a few hiding that I’ll use to supplement the drawer space I won’t have. The dresser has 8 and the media chest 6, so it’ll be a spot for socks, camis, tights and whatever. It’ll also be a convenient way to “clean up” when company comes. All that stuff on the floor? Throw it in a bin 👌
I made a couple of trips to the apartment tonight and my legs are DEFINITELY feeling the third-floor burn. But I got a lot more out (mirrors, clocks, wall decor) that won’t fit in boxes. And, of course, the microwave. Finally 🙌🙌
All in all, not a very eventful day, but I did get hooked on the Serial podcast, bring 90% of my pantry over and determine I can’t dry clothes…so that’s somethin, right?

And just look at those pretty walls 😍
Here’s hoping I can conquer another two coats tomorrow!


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