A strong, independent dog

In summary:
I turned this

Into this

And now I feel like this

So after I discovered the dryer conundrum, I texted that same side-by-side image to a friend I knew would be up (read, cop who works nights) to figure out a solution.
His response was that another cop friend had just bought a new dryer and had the opposite problem. The cord I needed was likely sitting around his house somewhere.
By 3 p.m. today, I had the cord in my hand. Fo free. (Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my friends?)
He said I should probably have the afore mentioned cop help me switch them out so I wouldn’t “burn the house down.”
Said cop wasn’t working tonight and therefore couldn’t swing by. So after I slapped a coat of paint on the last living room wall, I got to googling. The only thing I nearly forgot was the ground wire. I knew something didn’t match up so I went back and found a youtube video and realized that reconnecting it should have been my first move. Whoops.
But basically you turn the breaker off (just in case) unscrew the stuff, redo the ground wire, plug the new stuff in, screw the stuff back together and you’re good. The end.
To test it out, I stole Claws’ blanket from the bed where he was curled up asleep. After 10 minutes, I gave it back to him, nice and warm and fluffy. He wasn’t having it.

So that was my night. Tomorrow I’m picking C&A up from the airport at 11, so I’ll have a few hours after work to clean and assemble my guest bed. And clean out my apartment. Whoops.
‘Tis the season?


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