Pinterest house, day two

Captain’s log, December 7, 2014, 10:18 p.m.
I have conquered the first step of project kill the paneling.

I do believe it is downhill from this point forward. That coat of primer seems to be adequate and took 8 hours to accomplish … so that’s all we get.
I raced over from the potluck at church to wash the walls and start trimming. I hated to skip out, but since I haven’t had the gas turned on (task #1 in the morning) I wanted to get as much work done with the sun up as possible for heat purposes. It’s also great not to accidentally blind yourself 278 times by staring at the lamps, so it doubled as good light.
I ran into the trouble of getting the paint to cover the indention where the cracks meet the trim. It basically became a process of “slop this paint on, smooth it out, smooth it out, it’s still running smooth it out again.”
Cracks do not like to be painted. It’s just a fact of life. A better paintbrush and a fluffier roller helped combat that.
I also ran into a trim problem at the windows.

What happened was this room originally had one window and a nice, thick window sill. Then they put new windows on the inside and mounted the metal to the trim, leaving this teensy tiny area to frustrate me.
Ultimately, I think I’m going to take the windows down, paint the trim and sill, and put them back up. But when it’s warmer. And when I have help. And power tools. So they’ll just be a little tacky for now.
Lessons learned today:
Paintbrush quality matters.
There’s vinyl under my vinyl. I’m just going to stick more vinyl on top.
If you run Pandora on your phone for 6 hours, it will die.
This house is very close to the train tracks. I practically made eye contact with conductor today. Whoops.

Tasks for tomorrow:
Fix the holes in my bedroom walls
Fix the holes in the paneling
Paint bedroom ceiling
Prime bedroom — which should be CAKE compared to the living/dining areas

I’ve decided on all but my kitchen paint colors. I know what I want, just haven’t looked since the kitchen isn’t in my top 3 rooms to complete before I move in. I left the swatches at the house, but I’ll try to snap a picture tomorrow :)

And a panorama, just because it’s so pretty.


This post brought to you by Starbucks and Lowes, without both of whom I’m probably be curled up in a ball in the living room, rocking back and forth as I tell myself this is all a good idea…


Pinterest house, day one

Captain’s Log. December 6, 2014. 9:27 p.m.
I have returned home. The goal of day one was to prime the living room. I have failed.

But, y’all, I didn’t realize how much little crap I’d get side tracked with. I went to use the bathroom and opted to remove the wall-mounted soap and toothbrush holders — the screws on the bottom were so old, they snapped off. So that became a 30-minute adventure (and the wall is gonna need some serious fixing. Whoops.)
I did pull down 98% of BOTH layers of wallpaper in the kitchen and remove most of the curtain hardware. The vertical blinds are gone from the living room (PTL! 🙌 They were so dusty I could hardly stop sneezing to get them out of the house.)
There are no after pictures because I am scatter brained and had to quit earlier than intended. When I came time to wash the paneling after sanding, I realized I needed a bucket.
“Dollar Tree will have that,” I told myself. “And sponges to remove the border in the hallway. And cups to hold primer while I paint. I shall get a $5 pizza, too! Away we go!” (I get a little lonely when it’s just me.)
So I get to DT around 8:35. Perfect.
Except I forgot my purse. And it’s 8:36.
So I opted to run back to the house, turn off all the lights and just call it quits on day one. After loading all my new flooring into and out of the car by myself, removing all the hardware by hand and sanding the trim…my arms were exhausted anyway

Here are some before pictures to show you what I’m working with. Welcome to 1972.

Not one, but two layers of wallpaper in the kitchen! Bonus: There’s a border at the top, too.

Hey, paneling and no light fixtures.

Huge closets! …filled with baby puke colored shag carpet 👌

The full bathroom, which I call the dungeon. Why? Because it’s dark brown and the light fixture flickers and makes (what I assume is) the same as a noise a light in prison.

In the long run, I’d like to put a small kitchen island type thing where the counter ends and some wall-mounted, adjustable shelving above since there’s no true pantry. We’ll see. But that floor is leaving soon, the cabinets will be painted, and IKEA has $10 track lighting. Road trip, anyone?

I would also like to give a quick shout out to my soon-to-be neighbors for not having a password on their wifi. Without them, I would have had no Pandora radio and therefore, no motivation. I appreciate you, gray house residents.