Post Gulf Coast

There hasn’t been much work on the house lately, but I did make a quick trip to Panama City Beach for the campus ministry conference.

I came home (exhausted) with a happy and full heart. Though I do miss the beach just a smidge…

Happy new year!

After the dryer cord incident, I put renovations on pause because MY FAMILY WAS HERE FOR CHRISTMAS!!
We rented a lake house and shot fireworks, made s’mores, played lots of games and ate too much food.
We also got A LOT done at the house. I initially told my mom this was vacation — no working allowed! But she talked me into it and I am so grateful.
It amazed me how much we got done in just a few hours each day.
Claire painted the trim, Daddy switched out the bathroom mirror and light, Momma lined my cabinets and pulled off wallpaper…and more!
I am approximately two weeks ahead of where I thought I’d be. There are pots and pans in my kitchen and Claire stocked my temporary pantry!
My chaotic little rental house is feeling more and more like home :)
This week at work has been a little crazy, so I’ve allowed myself to not work on the house when I get home from work.
Our night editor was sick Monday, and our sports editor’s dad passed away over the weekend, so I’m filling in the gaps at work wherever I can.
Here are a few quick pics of Herrington Christmas and the house updates. The temp is down to 18° which means I’m gonna snuggle up in bed and read with Claws sitting awkwardly on my stomach.


Look at that giant mirror and fancy $2 light fixture!

It’s so much brighter now. I can see to shower!


And as it turns out, the only pictures I took at Christmas are of Cooper. Please try to act surprised.



I don’t understand how those in-house vacuums work either, kiddo.
Also, this is a super good picture of “Rabies,” the neighbor dog who didn’t have a name tag but did have proof of rabies shots. He was very friendly. And wiggly.

I hope 2015 is treating you all splendidly. Stay warm!