Remember when I used to sleep in until 8:30 every day? Sometimes even 9?

Ah, those were the days. I’m writing this from the hallway floor with one puppy in my lap trying to chew my fingers and the other using my feet as a jungle gym. 

Oh, sleeping in. Those were the days. 

Last Wednesday our photographer came back from a shoot at the animal shelter with a picture of two little guys she was going to try to find foster homes for. Since they were tiny and young, their risk of getting sick was extremely high, which increased the likelihood they’d be put down. 

We couldn’t have that, now could we?

So I asked my editor if I could go get them — only one of my pages wasn’t laid out, after all. He didn’t see why not, so off we went to nab some puppies. 

Lincoln, the brown one, and Coral started off their adventure in my guest room/office. I laid down a vinyl tablecloth and surrounded it with furniture. Fort Puppy was breached a few days later. I was alerted by Coral’s barking — a rare occurance — and found Lincoln happily prancing around the room. 

So I began barricading the doorways. I put the pups in the hall to give them more room to run and play, which tires them out very quickly. That’s a HUGE plus. 

They leapt over one barrier Saturday, and Sunday as I was in bed trying to catch some extra Z’s, I heard a whine followed by scratching followed by a flop. After the pitter patter of tiny feet sounded too close, I rolled over and saw Lincoln headed my way. 

Oh, brother. 

I grabbed the puppies and headed to the couch. They tend to not whine when they’re with me and they’re too chicken to jump off the couch.  Claws came and snuggled, too, which is CRAZY since he’s scared half to death of the little nuggets. 

The Journal’s photographer — who got me into this mess — is bringing me a baby gate so I can lock them in the bathroom. Hopefully that’ll work because they try to eat everything in sight. This includes everything from fuzz to wallpaper to Claws’ food. 

I am still trying to make progress on the house, but I am continually distracted by the adorableness of these two. The fridge is in the middle of the kitchen so I can scrape the walls around it…but I’m maybe 30% done. Whoops. It’ll get there. 

I’m supposed to have the puppies for three more weeks, and I’m sure they’ll get adopted fast since they’re so dang cute. They’ve met other dogs — including Ava who drooled all over Coral and Luke who couldn’t care less — and been around several small children. They’ve been to work, girls’ night and not the living room. They’re hilarious outside because the grass is so tall and they’re so short. 

Their favorite toy is an empty paper towel tube or a sock, despite me buying two $5 ones at Petsmart. 

They’re also big fans of leaves. 3/5 times they potty on their puppy pads when I’m not looking, they’re getting better at climbing stairs and when they get sleepy, they go to their kennel. 

I have been awake around 7:15 every morning since Friday. Bet y’all never thought you’d see the day, huh?

Their names are based off The Walking Dead, and I have decided any future fosters will have tv names as well. 


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