Cabinet trial

In an effort to get the fridge out of the middle of my kitchen, I’m painting the cabinet above it. This way I won’t have to worry about moving it again until it time to put down new floors!

I landed on these colors:

Mystic Sea it is!


The tealish color will be on the bottom, Swiss Coffee on top. As if I didn’t love the color enough, it has coffee in the name. Sold. 

Two coats in

I planned to paint the trim last night and today, but yesterday’s volleyballing left me a liiiittle sunburned. Moving hurts. 

I spent a good while napping with the pups on the couch. 


  They were worn out from making so many new friends at the park, and I was worn out from getting sunburned. 

We even had a little family movie night :)

Don’t be fooled, they only watched commercials.


I have to be at rehearsal every night this week, the puppies go back Wednesday and my friend, Tessa, is coming up this weekend. But hopefully somewhere in there I’ll be able to lift my arms above my head to paint the trim. 

Also, the puppies discovered how to unroll toilet paper today. 

My nightmare

And they’re currently shredding a napkin in the living room floor, but my legs hurt too much to take it away. 

They’re the worst puppies in the world. And I’m gonna miss them so much 😭😭

Kitchen schmitchen

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a functional kitchen … but I apparently love playing with puppies more. 

Monday night I hurried to Lowe’s in Anderson to grab the last on-sale Shop-Vac. It’s half-off for the next few weeks, but after sanding the walls and Claws knocking down a bunch of my seeds…I needed backup. 

Right over the vent. Seriously?

So I vacuumed the potting soil and spackle dust, washed the walls and slapped on a layer of primer. I had the rollers in the fridge from the last time I painted in the kitchen and managed to get them switched. There are a few gray streaks on the walls, but it’ll all be gray eventually anyway :) 

You can’t tell a difference, but I definitely scraped snd scrubbed a BUNCH of nasty off those walls.

I’ll try to get it painted this week, but being home before dark means I wanna play with puppies. And after that I wanna do nothing. Maybe by the weekend…

This is my new bff, Sherman the Shop-Vac! (and my other bff vanilla coke)

Once I get the fridge out of the middle of the kitchen, I’ll move on to the bigger section of the wall+backsplash area. The fun part will be trying to wash, dry and put away all my dishes so they don’t get nasty…I miss my dishwasher 😢 (Yes, Momma. I know I have two at the end of my arms.)

Take a hike! …or don’t 

After spending most of Saturday at Mary’s while the puppies played with Luke, I couldn’t resist another day outside. 

The weekend weather was sunny and in the 70s, so after rehearsal, I grabbed the pups and headed to the mountains. (Did I mention I’m in a play? I’m in a play.)

I chose Stayion Cove falls because it’s a short, popular trail. I’ve seen plenty of dogs here — Luke came with me once! — so I knew it was canine-friendly. 

We got out of the car and the puppies immediately hated their leashes. Awesome. We then met Seren, a 2-month-old St. Bernard mix. Lincoln was interested for a second and Coral hid the entire time. 

This hike was off to a great start. 

Want a cute picture of both of us? Fat chance.

I let them down to sniff around for a bit, but they were not interested in any forward progress. They only wanted to head back to the car. 

So I carried them. 

…are we supposed to walk this ourselves?!

I would put them down periodically and try my luck, but leashes are of the devil, apparently. My best approach was carrying Coral with Lincoln a few steps behind. He’s my fearless pup, so I knew I could count on him. 

After a dozen stops to explore, sniff and play, we made it to the falls. It was pretty chilly in the valley. Despite daylight saving time, the sun was already past the mountaintops where we were, so we didn’t stay long. 

Sit still? Huh?

The return trip was a little better since they were ready to be back in the car from the get-go. I put them down and walked away and they followed for about 20 feet at a time. 

Then I’d pick them up again and repeat. I think Coral might have fallen asleep in my arms at one point. My goal was to get them to walk the last 35 or so feet of the trail. Lincoln was by my side and Coral was off attacking a pine cone when she heard a noise and took off running. 

“If we stop walking, I bet she’ll come back to pick us up again.”

She ran straight to the family behind us and immediately began jumping up on the mom’s leg to see if somebody would pick her up. 

They did.

Within a few minutes of being back in their kennel, both pups were passed out cold…and I did all the work!

If they weren’t so cute…


Puppies got vaccinations at animal control on Wednesday! Coral was 3.8 lbs (hovering at 4) and Lincoln 3.6. We’re transitioning from canned stuff to kibble since they have no problem eating Claws’ food. 

The animal control officer told me I’ll have them another three weeks, so we have plenty of adventures left :)