Kitchen schmitchen

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a functional kitchen … but I apparently love playing with puppies more. 

Monday night I hurried to Lowe’s in Anderson to grab the last on-sale Shop-Vac. It’s half-off for the next few weeks, but after sanding the walls and Claws knocking down a bunch of my seeds…I needed backup. 

Right over the vent. Seriously?

So I vacuumed the potting soil and spackle dust, washed the walls and slapped on a layer of primer. I had the rollers in the fridge from the last time I painted in the kitchen and managed to get them switched. There are a few gray streaks on the walls, but it’ll all be gray eventually anyway :) 

You can’t tell a difference, but I definitely scraped snd scrubbed a BUNCH of nasty off those walls.

I’ll try to get it painted this week, but being home before dark means I wanna play with puppies. And after that I wanna do nothing. Maybe by the weekend…

This is my new bff, Sherman the Shop-Vac! (and my other bff vanilla coke)

Once I get the fridge out of the middle of the kitchen, I’ll move on to the bigger section of the wall+backsplash area. The fun part will be trying to wash, dry and put away all my dishes so they don’t get nasty…I miss my dishwasher 😢 (Yes, Momma. I know I have two at the end of my arms.)

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