Happy Independence Day from me and my favorite nephew :) Celebrating a bit early since I could sneak away from work and have to get back at it tomorrow.
Look at all that cute.


Sorry I’m not sorry

Took a small hiatus from blog-land because I’ve been a little busy lately.
Busy falling in love.
Picture 3
Meet Cooper Marshall Morrow, my precious nephew.
He surprised us all by coming into the world on Memorial Day, making it just that much more memorable ;)
My plan to live super close to my sister panned out really well since I’ve been at the hospital so much the NICU nurses know about my personal life. They’re such wonderful ladies!
Keep prayers coming his way to grow and develop the skills and reflexes he needs to go home, I know that Prius gets good gas mileage but I dare say Claire is getting tired of all the driving.


The count up is on!

Since we don’t really know how many days until Sister has her baby, we’re counting up instead of down!
I spent the weekend in Marietta with Claire, John, Momma and Daddy. It was a happy Mother’s Day (and un-Mother’s Day) indeed. We were able to spend some time playing games, cutting up, painting, eating and watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. TWICE.
I also got to sneak a few maternity photos, which is about as rough as you’d imagine when the subject is on bed rest. But, Sister is a trooper and we broke the rules a little.
I told her I’d edit every day that she doesn’t have the kid, so hopefully I have a lot of work ahead of me!
We tried to incorporate as many props as possible since we were limited to the hospital. We used flowers, scrabble tiles and a picture frame. When we went out to the courtyard I tried to use the trees and shubbery to mix it up, but when you’re shooting surrounded by buildings there isn’t much to do. But, hey, at least we have a few shots to remember this sweet time before Baby is here. And every day that Baby isn’t here is a day I can look on Pinterest for more ideas ;)
They’re doing an ultrasound at 3 p.m. EST and going to discuss the possibility of continuing bed rest at home. So send some prayers her way; I know she’s tired of being stuck in the hospital!

Claire pouting in the hospital window, as seen from outside.

Two-and-a-half weeks in the hospital makes for a very sad Sister.

"BABY MORROW" spelled out in scrabble tiles, held beneath her sweet baby bump.

C&J are a puzzle and board games kind of couple, so we loved this idea we saw on Pinterest!

The forecast is beautiful this week! I might convince myself to get up early and go to the lake one of these days and let some freckles loose.

God is good!